“I am the daughter of 91 year old parents, my Mom has dementia and my Dad is visually impaired. There is such a feeling of helplessness when the parents that have loved and supported you start to fail. There are so many questions and it is so hard to find the way to get help. Luckily I found Home Healthcare Network. They truly understand the challenges that the elderly face and have offered solutions to keep Mom & Dad in their home. Caroline and the staff have made such a difference; they are caring and provide support that is so much appreciated. Thank you!” ~ Jackie

Recruiting Process

Our Care Aides and Nannies must go through several steps and possess all stated requirements in order to be recruited by Home Healthcare Network.

As the owner, I have personally been working with people of all ages since 1996 and know exactly the kind of individuals to look for.  I do all research and interviews for prospective caregivers, along with Lori, our client care manager, who has been involved in the healthcare field as an RN and now nurse consultant since 1995.

Meet Lori and Caroline.

Our Care Aides

Our Care Aides are certified in B.C., bonded and insured with WorkSafe BC. They have a clear C.R.C. (Criminal Record Check) and First Aid certifications. The course they have completed gives them experience in all aspects of personal care, dementia and palliative care as well as routine tasks of daily living that includes:

  • meal preparation
  • personal care
  • shopping
  • housekeeping
  • companionship
  • assistance to appointments

Our Caregivers must:

• Have a genuine love for their profession of caring for people of all ages
• Have good organizational skills, be patient and caring
• Know how to be positive, always maintaining a calm demeanour
• Be attentive and receptive to every individual’s needs
• Have strong leadership skills with the ability to stay in control of every situation.
• Provide a current criminal record check
• Have, or are enrolled for, their First Aid certification
• Have a clean driving record if any driving is involved

The 4 Steps to Recruiting Our Care Aides and Nannies:

1. The first step of the selection process for the prospective caregiver is to go to our website and fill out the Online Application.  This document contains precise questions intended to provide enough information to determine if the candidate has the prerequisites to become one of the superb caregivers we require.

2. The next step is to request their resume and references to establish if they have the necessary experience. 

3. They must then go through a 1-2 hour personal interview, where we discuss their experience as well as their career and long term goals.

4. They are finally sent to a “trial booking” and/or orientation, where they are supervised by other caregivers.  This is the final step in determining if they are first-class caregivers, and suitable to become a member of our exceptional team.

If at any point during the process, I feel that the candidate does not have the level of experience or the skills required, the process comes to an end.  Each step must indicate that this is a superb individual with all essential qualifications.

Caroline Gagné
Owner of Home Healthcare Network

Providing Home Healthcare services, Housekeeping & Childcare services