Label Confusion

Did you know that when a food has a healthy sounding label, people tend to eat more of it? Think of the last time you bought something that was "low in fat" or had fewer calories; did you eat more or less of it? This “healthy label” myth has proven to lead us to consume [...]

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Music for the Mind

Did you know that Music Therapy has proven to be particularly effective for people with Parkinson's Disease (PD)? As a nurse working with residents affected by Parkinson's and Dementia, I have noticed a profound response to music being played in the dining room during meals and throughout the day. More smiles, frequent interactions between residents, [...]

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The downside of eating alone

Eating alone is increasingly common in all age groups but may be of particular concern for seniors. Cooking for one person can be harder because they have to scale down recipes, but it also takes the pleasure of cooking for loved ones out of the equation. Instead of stimulating dinner conversations, the television becomes "the [...]

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Elder abuse

On looking back, the thing that hurts most about an abusive relationship is realizing you aware of it but felt powerless to do anything. Most abuse doesn’t start with a black eye or any tangible physical signs. Commonly it begins just like any other relationship. The abuse usually starts with subtle signs that seem harmless [...]

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Give me a break!

How to recognize and manage caregivers’ stress. Did you know that nurses are routinely forgoing their breaks and/or meal periods in order to provide patient care? Some researchers found that nurses took a break or ate a meal free of patient care responsibilities, in less than half the shifts they worked over a 1-month period. [...]

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Older people – particularly those with dementia – are at risk of becoming agitated at night. When night falls, they often become confused and restless, at times even screaming out loud. Some of them hallucinate, are unable to sleep, and are even apt to climb over their bed’s side rail. If they leave their room, [...]


Demographics … they are a changin’

One of the more obvious trends affecting the nursing profession, and even the healthcare world, in general, is one of patient demographics. The Canadian population is aging, with adults over the age of 85 representing the fastest growing age group of all. Naturally, as people age, their dependence on health care services increases accordingly. For [...]

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