At Home Healthcare Network our certified foot care nurse is able to provide advanced foot care and assessment on a regular basis.

This can significantly improve comfort, mobility and the general health of your feet. This is particularly important for people with diabetes because regular foot care can prevent problems and assist in early identification and care if issues do occur. The nurse will provide a thorough assessment, care and advice on your feet, including the elderly and people with diabetes, who have particular problems looking after their feet. Care includes prevention of problems as well as a referral to other health professionals when necessary.

footcareOur Foot Care includes:

  • Assessment
  • Nail clipping and trimming
  • Corns and callouses
  • Ingrown toenails
  • Education of proper footwear and hygiene
  • Education on Diabetic foot care

Meet our Certified Foot Care Nurse:

Judith Grieve has been a Registered Nurse since 1979 and has steadily demonstrated her genuine love for her clients and her profession. As an RN currently helping seniors to safely stay in their own homes, Judith also provides foot care services as a certified foot care nurse for clients throughout the Sunshine Coast. Judith’s past work experience as a Registered Nurse involved working as a health care manager in Vancouver, as well as teaching both nursing students and health care aides. She now joins Home Healthcare Network (HHN) to offer staff & clients the benefits of her experience and nurturing disposition.

Judith can be reached at 778-228-0509 or by email at

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